Robert Acuna Jr - Founder

My name is Robert Acuna Jr. and I'm a former All Conference & All Region college football player and founder of Next Level Industries and the "T-Bell" multi-purpose progression bar. Having been considered undersized for a college football lineman, I had to adopt a very aggressive style of play. That aggressive style resulted in multiple knee surgeries, shoulder surgery, and back surgery.

After my playing days, I struggled to maintain an active lifestyle and workout on a consistent basis due to the pain in my lower back. The pain prevented me from being able to perform many lower body lifts, which greatly affected my progress. 

The only way to overcome my chronic back pain was to build up the muscles around my spine, and I knew that deadlifting was the best way to accomplish this. I tried conventional and sumo deadlifts with a traditional barbell, but my injuries would still not allow me to properly execute the lift with correct form and thus I began my search for a product that could help. Ideally, this product would be able to integrate weighted plates AND resistance bands. After no luck in finding an existing product, I decided to create my own. Knowing the deadlift is a staple and the foundation of many top workouts, but also the hardest lift to execute with correct form; I wanted to create a product that could not only be used for rehab but would be a great teaching tool for beginners and seasoned lifters alike. Thus, the T-Bell was created.

Countless prototypes were made and tested. Feedback from physical therapist, D-1 strength and conditioning coaches, and personal trainers influenced the final product. The design allows for the lifter to perform the deadlift in a safe and effective way by keeping the weight in centerline with the spine and removing un-needed stress on the outer extremities of the lifter’s body. The T-Bell design allows the lifter to not only use weighted plates, but also resistance bands; and can also be used for a variety of many different lifts and substituted for a kettlebell.

The main focus of the T-Bell is to teach people how to effectively and safely lift, and double as a great rehabilitation tool. The T-Bell has allowed me to strengthen the muscles in my lower back and lower body, and consistently lift and train PAIN-FREE!  So, whether you are new to fitness training, an experienced lifter, and/or an elite athlete recovering from an injury; the T-Bell is for you!