Frequently Asked Questions

Why use the T-Bell? 

The T-Bell is great for performing the deadlift, giving you a full body workout; ensuring that proper form is kept throughout the entire lift.

Why is the T-Bell good for gym facilities and home gyms? 

The T-Bell is compact in size, compared to all the other barbells; so it can fit in every gym regardless of the size.  Gyms can now have many members using the T-Bell without holding up use of the other barbells.

I go to the gym, but often get intimated deadlifting so I skip that exercise; how will this help me? 

Let's face it, we live in a cruel society; and right now "gym shaming" is at an all time high. The T-Bell is meant for all individuals, regardless of age, size, athletic level, and will let you perform the deadlift without having to use a big and intimidating barbell. The T-Bell will give you that boost of confidence to carry throughout your workout and rest of your day.

Does the T-Bell come with any bands or weights?

Weights and bands are sold separately. We have plans to offer bands and a limited number of weights in the near future. 

What size weights can I use with the T-Bell? 

Typical weights that fit olympic sized barbells with two-inch (ID) center holes. 

Can my teenager use this to train? 

The T-Bell is made for beginners to advanced lifters. For young adults, please consult with your coaches, trainers, and doctors before starting a weightlifting program. 

How many exercises can be performed? 

Deadlift, single leg deadlift, RDL, squats, upright rows, abs, biceps and kettlebell swings. You're only limited to your imagination. 

Why should I use the T-Bell and not a regular barbell? 

There is nothing wrong with using a regular barbell for deadlifting. However, in order to perform a proper deadlift; the barbell should literally rub your shins and thighs as you are performing the lift. Many people don't like scraping their shins and thighs, so subconsciously they tend to roll the bar away from their body, resulting in a rolled/bent back and creating bad form.  The T-Bell will eliminate bad form habits, increasing your chances of being able to perform the lift without injury.

Couldn't I get the same type of workout by just using a kettlebell? 

The kettlebell opening does not allow for average sized hands to both  fit in the handle loop properly, resulting in narrowed hand placement, rolled shoulders, and upper back discomfort. By using the T-Bell you now have the ability to not only add and subtract weight, but also have the ability to add resistance bands and perform the lift in a comfortable manner.

Are the handle heights adjustable? 

Yes, there are 3 handle slots to choose from so people of all heights can use the T-Bell comfortably.