The T-Bell is simply the best introductory tool for athletes to safely and effectively learn proper lifting form. This device allows the weight to stay closer to the spine which reduces the chance of injury. Athletes can learn to use their hips and legs and get a phenomenal full body workout with its multi exercise capability! The Perfect Deadlift is the first product that I have felt is deserving of an overwhelming stamp of approval!

by Dr. Terry Smith, Dr of Chiropractic, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

     The Perfect Deadlift is unique and in my opinion is great for beginners to advanced lifters, and for rehab. Myself and my team look forward to supporting this product through our Retail and Commercial channels.

by Albert Kessler, Owner of Hest Fitness Products

      As a former college football player as well as a football offensive coordinator and head powerlifting coach, the deadlift is a key component to our Strength and Conditioning a Program.  The deadlift is one of the few standard weight training exercises in which all repetitions begin with "dead weight". And for this mostly all muscles are used to pick up the weight. It is a very complex exercise.  If performed incorrectly it can lead to serious injury.  The T-Bell is a great tool we use for our Junior High athletes and beginning powerlifters to begin great technique on the deadlift!  Because the weight and handles are perfectly balanced in the center, athletes are able to lift heavy with perfect technique. After they have mastered the T-Bell bar, they have the form and strength needed to perform the deadlift on the barbell. For our high school athletes, the versatility of the bar lets us do so many auxiliary lifts such as deadlifts, jump squats, farmer walks, and swings. I can't say enough of how much THE T-BELL BAR has helped us and has given our kids a competitive edge against other schools!!!

by Andre Willie, Freer OC / Head Powerlifting, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator

      T-Bell is a great exercise tool that can incorporate and streamline multiple exercises into one piece of equipment making deadlifts, weighted jumps, kettlebell swings and recovery exercises more manageble and natural.

by Brian Arnwine, USAW Sports Performance Level I